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Vape Laces are proud to present the newest style of getting your wicking game on strong. Designed with ease in mind. We have taken the work out of making spot on wicking strips by creating pre-rolled strips with an inner diameter which will fit 3-4mm coils nicely.

Our key part is in the pre-twisted ends to make wicking your coils super simple. Inspired by the common shoe lace. Vape Laces are the best thing since sliced bread lol.

Vape Laces are developed using different strains of 100% Organic cotton, allowing your e-liquid to be absorbed quicker than normal cotton. The perfectly lined fibres in our Vape Laces mean consistent juice flow to the wick which results in a smooth, flavour rich vape with minimal dry hits.

Simply insert one end of the lace in through the coil and pull out the other side. Now cut off each side depending on your needs and complete your wick. It's that easy! 

Try Vape Laces today, you will not be dissapointed!!

Each tin comes with 20 Vape Laces  together with approximately half a standard pouch of organic cotton, pre-cut and ready for wicking, all this presented in a nice shiny tin!